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For Any Queries, Contact Kunal Kaushik At: +91-981-116-7701, +91-987-111-7222, Or Mail Kunal Kaushik At: support@kunalkaushik.com


Kunal Kaushik, World Renowned Astrologer, Tarot Reader And Vastu Expert

Mr. Kunal Kaushik is a renowned occult science expert who practices Vaastu, Feng shui, Numerology, Pyramidology, Astrology and other related sciences. He is a famous personal celebrity astrologer, Tarot Reader And Vaastu Expert and he regularly appears on major T.V. Channels, and his articles can be read in the countries famous newspapers and upcoming journals. He has been practicing Vaastu, Feng shui, Numerology, Pyramidology, astrology and tarot for the past ten years and is reigning from a family of astrologers.

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Pyra Vastu

The new Pyramid Yantra is specially designed to correct your place according to Vaastu, though symbolically. Kunal Kaushik helps you in more...

Horoscope Yoga's

A unique characteristic of Indian astrology are the yoga’s. Yoga’s are planetary positions that lead to a certain result. We have already discussed one more...

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Daily Horoscopes, Yearly Horoscope, Chinese Horoscope, Sexual Compatibility Report, Numerology Reports, Free tarot readings more...

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Tarot can help you find the answers you're searching for!! A wonderful source for personal development and spiritual awakening.